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Hi, I'm Chris Meekins with Legalshield. We make it affordable and accessible for people AND businesses to have access to TOP quality lawfirms across the country for a low monthly investment. We protect 4.4 million lives and 140,000 small businesses and we're looking forward to helping you protect what you value most...your family, your business, and your employees Below you will find information on how we are disrupting the legal industry and empowering families and businesses across the country with Equal Access to Justice!

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If you don't know your rights, you don't have any rights

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Super affordable add-on to personal plan to offer business options...IRS audit protection for busines expenses as well.

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We don't just protect your license, we protect your abilty to produce income! 

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-Letters or calls from our Lawfirms $300-500/letter or call

-IRS Audit Proection $500-$700/hr

-Document Review $500/hr

-Uncontested Divorce $1000-$10,000

-Uncontested Seperation $500-$5000

- Uncontested Name Change $500-$5000

-Uncontested Adoption $5000-$15,000

- Lawsuit Protection $300-$500/hr

-Home Purchase Document Review $300-$500

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